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ATS Euromaster's Little Gold Book

ATS Little Gold Book 

Since we began trading in 1965, ATS Euromaster has dedicated itself to providing expert advice for fleets of all sizes. Now in 2015, our 50th birthday year and golden anniversary, we are delighted to bring together some of those snippets of expertise into a handy, bite-sized format to support commercial vehicle fleet managers in optimising of the use of their assets and delivering efficiencies.

ATS Euromaster is committed to helping drive down the cost of fleet management, improve productivity and keep you on the road for longer – with the focus on doing those things as conveniently as possible for you. It's how we've worked for half a century and in that time we've earned the trust of thousands of fleet managers who rely on us to get the very most from their fleet. We want to make sure you get outstanding customer care with the greatest of ease.

This guide has been designed as a quick reference, to support your fleet management, whether you have responsibility for vans, trucks – or a mixed fleet that perhaps has a policy for one type of vehicle but not another. It’s a handy reminder to keep of what’s really important for your fleet, and with more than 340 ATS Euromaster centres nationwide and more than 820 mobile service vans, there’s always an honest expert nearby who can give you instant access to five decades of experience. 

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