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Identifying opportunities to save

"With the price of rubber and fuel constantly rising, ATS Euromaster's offer of a policy that would help us manage fleet expenditure was more than welcome.

We weren't aware what a difference adhering to a clearly defined brand policy would make, but when ATS Euromaster drew up a projected annual plan and presented it to us, we realised it could help us achieve significant savings.

We have been equally impressed by the tyre-servicing contract they offered us, which covers everything from routine inspections to breakdowns.
Appointing them as our sole tyre service provider means we have been able to really put them to the test, and to-date, they've been delivering on every one of their promises. Tyre safety and compliance with legislation has always been a top priority, and working with ATS Euromaster gives us the added peace of mind that every one of our vehicles is running on tyres maintained in the best possible condition."

Eddie Whitehead, Transport Manager
Blue Dragon Transport

Established in 2000, Blue Dragon Transport operates from Normanton Airfield in Newark, Nottinghamshire. The company moves a wide range of cars and vans for manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers, specialising in professional, high class bulk vehicle movements at competitive rates, with a proficient team of highly experienced drivers. Its team can also provide a high class vehicle handover process to clients' individual customers.

Business Requirement
The automotive logistics specialist operates a fleet of 28 trucks and 20 trailers, with each vehicle covering an average of 120,000 km annually, transporting vehicles to customers throughout the UK.

Prior to appointing ATS Euromaster the company was generally happy with its existing tyre policy.However, it was open to recommendations for any steps which could be taken to help it stabilise its fleet operating costs, particularly given an economic climate where the price of rubber and fuel is constantly rising.

ATS Euromaster's Approach
When ATS Euromaster first visited Transport Manager Eddie Whitehead, the company offered to analyse the condition of tyres across Blue Dragon's fleet in detail. This would enable a report to be generated highlighting any steps which could be taken to reduce operating costs and improve tyre life, safety and uptime.

ATS Euromaster believes that good tyre strategy springs from good data, and this fleet inspection is representative of the steps it takes when adopting a consultative approach with prospective customers. Assessing a fleet's current tyre policy in detail allows it to fully understand a fleet's existing tyre condition before making any recommendations.

Access to such data about tyre condition helps to reveal any tweaks that need to be made to secure genuine improvements in efficiency.

ATS Euromaster's Solution
The detailed inspection revealed that a lack of brand consistency across the fleet was contributing to unpredictable fluctuations in tyre expenditure.

ATS Euromaster calculated the company's typical annual mileages and exact requirements before recommending a joint Taurus and Hankook fitment policy, backed up by a comprehensive tyre-servicing agreement. With the policy designed to improve value and increase cost control, ATS Euromaster felt confident that this would enable a reduction in tyre-related downtime and repair costs.

As a direct result, Blue Dragon Transport ended its previous agreement with a local supplier and appointed ATS Euromaster. The new agreement includes:

  • Fleet inspections carried out every fortnight
  • Tyre pressures checked monthly
  • Tyre repairs and replacements fitted by ATS Euromaster's mobile fitment team - the largest of its type in the UK
  • Access to 24/7 roadside rapid-response, nationwide, for tyre-related breakdowns
  • Professional account management and customer service support