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Key customer returns to ATS Euromaster

"We are always looking at the best option for our business in terms of whole life costs, so after 20 years with ATS Euromaster and Michelin, with took the option to trial a new service provider at the end of 2009, fitting a different brand of tyre.

We then carefully monitored tyre performance for the next 16 months, but our own comparative data showed that having ATS Euromaster fit Michelin tyres and squeeze every last mile of performance out of them offered us better value.

As a direct result, we re-appointed ATS Euromaster and Michelin as our joint suppliers. We'd previously enjoyed a very good working relationship with our local ATS Euromaster team, so I am very pleased to be working with them again.

After 20 years we felt it was right to see what else the market offered, but our own experience showed that these two companies offer the most competitive truck tyre package on the market."

John Bywater, Managing Director
John Bywater Transport

Located near Dover, John Bywater Transport is an experienced pan-European haulier and Pall-Ex member operating a fleet of modern, well equipped vehicles ranging from express pallet vans through to maximum weight tractor units - and encompassing a comprehensive line up of 7.5 and 18 tonne rigids in between.

The company, which began trading in 1986, is well known for maintaining its fleet to the highest industry standards.

Business Requirement
John Bywater Transport ended a 20-year tyre supply and servicing agreement with ATS Euromaster in November 2009, in favour of a local independent dealer fitting an alternative premium brand tyre.

At the time, Managing Director John Bywater was tempted to try an alternative solution on the promise of improved whole life costs. For the next 16 months, as Michelin tyres across the fleet of 45 tractor units and 35 trailers reached the end of their life, they were replaced with Goodyears.

ATS Euromaster's Approach
But by early 2011, the customer's own detailed comparison of its tyre performance showed that the promised savings were not forthcoming, and the company met with ATS Euromaster to consider alternative options.

Drawing upon its own performance data from the last 20 years, ATS Euromaster was able to highlight the case for fitting Michelins - and then using its unrivalled tyre management expertise to service the tyres extensively to ensure the best possible performance and whole life costs.

This revived policy would see all Michelin tyres being regrooved by ATS Euromaster and then remoulded in line with Michelin's Four Lives policy, ensuring maximum value and minimum environmental impact.

ATS Euromaster's Solution
ATS Euromaster was re-appointed by John Bywater Transport in March 2011.The new agreement sees the company providing a full range of tyre services to support this busy fleet, including:

  • On-site tyre fitment by ATS Euromaster’s mobile service teams
  • A commitment to maximising tyre life and ensuring best value by:
  • Turning tyres on the rim
  • Twinning
  • Performing wheel alignments where abnormal wear is recorded
  • Carrying out routine pressure checks
  • Regrooving and remoulding in line with Michelin Four Lives policy
  • Freephone 24/7 roadside rapid response throughout the UK
  • Emergency roadside support across 15 European countries