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Small fleet benefits from a national network

"We have been using ATS Euromaster as our sole commercial vehicle tyre supplier since Smart Systems was established in 1985. The company's technicians, products and roadside rapid response service has never failed to impress us.

Our customers are spread across the UK, so our fleet is kept very busy. We are often carrying out deliveries hundreds of miles from our operating base in North Somerset, which means having the support of a national service provider such as ATS Euromaster is essential. We're one of their smaller customers, but we still benefit from the same 24/7 support as many of the largest road transport operators in the country.

This gives us the reassurance that in the event of a puncture or tyre failure on the move, a single phone call to ATS Euromaster is all it takes to ensure a technician is on the scene promptly. Being able to rely on this level of service means we don’t let our customers down."

Rob Missen, Transport Supervisor,
Smart Systems Ltd

Smart Systems Ltd, a member of Corialis Group, is based in Yatton, North Somerset, on a 120,000 sq ft purpose-built site comprising modern offices, a warehouse and a manufacturing plant. It is one of the UK's leading aluminium systems companies, with a reputation for product innovation, design expertise, technical competence and quality.

Business Requirement
Smart Systems has customers the length and breadth of the UK. When the company began in 1985, building a reputation for its excellent customer service standards - including delivery performance - was top of its to-do list. This meant developing a relationship with a tyre supplier which could provide comprehensive support across its mixed vehicle fleet was essential.

Tyrelongevity and durability for Smart Systems was as important then as it is now. Today the company operates a fleet of ten rigid trucks, two vans and one pick-up truck - and relatively high vehicle utilisation rates see each truck clock up an average of 100,000 km every year. The preferred tyre brand across its fleet is Michelin.

In appointing a tyre service provider, Smart Systems demands a supplier which can offer:

  • Unrivalled tyre husbandry skills
  • One-stop shop tyre expertise - for pick-ups, vans and trucks
  • 24/7 rapid response roadside assistanceNationwide network of service centres
  • Commitment to stocking Michelin tyres - guaranteeing consistent brand fitment
  • Competitive pricing
  • ATS Euromaster's Approach
  • ATS Euromaster is the sole tyre supplier to many of the largest and most prestigious fleets in the country - yet its network of centres pride themselves on their strong relationships with local businesses, supporting fleets of all shapes and sizes.

Smart Systems is typical of one of the company’s smaller fleet accounts. The contract is managed by ATS Euromaster’s service centre in Avonmouth - which is located close to the local Scania dealership, where the customer's trucks are maintained.

When routine tyre service work is required, ATS Euromaster dispatches a mobile technician to the dealership. This ensures that routine tyre replacements are timed during planned vehicle maintenance slots, minimising downtime for the customer. Reducing environmental impact is also critical for Smart Systems. Its tyre policy enables the company to follow Michelin's proven Four Lives package, which sees ATS Euromaster regrooving and remoulding truck tyres to ensure the maximum mileage potential is utilised from every tyre casing.

ATS Euromaster's Solution
The length of ATS Euromaster's relationship with Smart Systems is testament to the service and support it delivers. Services provided by ATS Euromaster include:

  • Mobile tyre fitting
  • Free phone nationwide emergency roadside assistance - with an average response time of just 65 minutes*
  • Expert tyre husbandry - ensuring maximum fleet performance, safety and longevity
  • Commitment to following Michelin's Four Lives package - minimising environmental impact and maximising cost efficienciesProfessional account management and customer service

*Jan – Oct 2010 average