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Tyre management system increases expenditure control

"ATS Euromaster has been our primary tyre supplier ever since our company was formed in 1984, but it wasn’t until two years ago that we signed a formal tyre contract.

The relationship began as a basic fitment and repair service, as and when needed, but that gradually developed until we found ourselves relying on them for all of our tyre requirements, from nationwide roadside assistance to brand fitment advice.

Two years ago, they recommended we move our commercial vehicle fleet to a full Michelin policy, supported by their 'EDC Gold' package, as a way of increasing our control over tyre expenditure. We knew we could trust their advice - but didn't realise quite what a positive impact they could make on our vehicle operating costs.

It's a pleasure to work with a service provider that has our company’s best interests at heart rather than their own."

Jonathon Barbour, Transport Manager
Embleton Hall Dairies

Embleton Hall Dairies is a milk distribution company with customers in the retail, wholesale and catering sectors throughout the UK. Based in Wingate, County Durham, it operates a fleet of five vans, eight cars and 17 trucks, including two tankers.

Business Requirement
Before the introduction of a Michelin policy, the commercial vehicle fleet had been fitting a mixture of budget tyres. This led to frequent tyre-related breakdowns at the roadside and resulted in unnecessary vehicle downtime.

Tyre expenditure was difficult to control, due to high instances of unforeseen replacements and repairs. As a result, Embleton Hall Dairies required a tyre service partner that could help:

  • Maximise fleet efficiency, through minimising tyre-related downtime
  • Increase control over tyre expenditure
  • Deliver enhanced value for money 

ATS Euromaster's Approach

The local ATS Euromaster team worked closely with Embleton Hall Dairies to propose a quality Michelin fitment policy across the fleet. This new policy focused on the whole life cost benefits of changing tyre brands, with the increased levels of damage-resistance and longer lifespan, combined with a subsequent improvement in uptime, helping to optimise fleet operating costs.

They also suggested regrooving and remoulding all truck tyres by following Michelin's Four Lives policy, to extract maximum value from every tyre casing. The Four Lives process sees worn tyres regrooved for a second life; worn regrooved tyres remoulded for a third life; and finally the Michelin Remix - remoulded - tyres regrooved for a fourth life.

To increase control over expenditure, the team recommended their 'EDC Gold' fleet inspection service. This combines the strength of its regular electronic tyre safety inspections with its proven online Web Reporter system. Together, the two services allow managers to review the condition of every single tyre in the fleet, plus monitor key trends such as itemised expenditure per vehicle and per month, facilitating the identification and rectification of any abnormal wear issues.

ATS Euromaster's Solution
ATS Euromaster's bespoke tyre-management system and fitment policy have helped Embleton Hall Dairies achieve significant savings. Technicians carry out monthly on-site inspections of each vehicle within the dairy producer’s fleet, helping to prevent the majority of tyre-related issues that would previously have led to a breakdown. The inspections also help to support the driver’s own daily walk-around inspections and bolster the company’s Duty of Care to its staff.

Their recommended specification of Michelin XDN 2 Grip drive axle tyres and XZE 2+ steer axle tyres have also significantly increased the mileage performance of every tyre in the fleet, which benefits both the company’s vehicle operating costs and the environment. The switch to fitting quality brand tyres has also had a positive effect by reducing instances of punctures and associated tyre damage.

Other services provided to Embleton Hall Dairies include:

  • Pro-active casing management in line with Michelin’s Four Lives policy
  • 24/7 access to the largest mobile tyre fitting fleet in the UK – ensuring a rapid response in the event of any roadside tyre failure
  • Unrivalled tyre performance, safety and trend monitoring via 'EDC Gold'
  • Comprehensive tyre husbandry, including fitments, replacements, repairs, turning on the rim and wheel alignment
  • Expert local support from ATS Euromaster's 'comprehensive' centre in Hartlepool – located less than five miles away
  • Plus the skills and expertise to support all vehicle types in the fleet, from trucks to cars