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Expert advice targets key objectives

"ATS Euromaster have helped us achieve significant savings since we appointed them in 2009.

We run a rental fleet of 250 tankers - and it can be difficult to strike the right balance between tyre specification and fleet operating costs. ATS Euromaster recommended a Michelin XTE 3 policy as a cost-effective, quality tyre solution. We had previously avoided a premium fitment, thinking it would increase expenditure. However, the Michelin fitments deliver greater longevity and very even wear, and their impressive resistance to damage and scrub means our tyre bills have dropped considerably.

Customers are benefiting too, as the new tyres offer enhanced stability and safety on the road. In addition we include certain elements of ATS Euromaster's service in the package we offer customers, such as the 24/7 emergency breakdown assistance and mobile servicing support. This really makes us stand out from our competitors and helps attract new business."

Mark Butcher, Fleet Operations Manager
Sayers Road Tankers

Sayers Road Tankers' rental fleet is used by customers across the UK for the distribution of cargo including milk, beer, chemicals and waste liquids. Established in North Yorkshire in 1992, the company also manufactures bespoke tankers, focusing on innovative designs, and runs a refurbishment service for used assets.

Business Requirement
Sayers Road Tankers needs to impress customers with a guarantee of quality, while avoiding excessive running costs. The company requires a tyre service provider that can enhance its offer by delivering:

  • A cost-effective tyre solution that maximises safety for customers transporting hazardous chemicals
  • Umbrella services such as breakdown support and mobile tyre fitment to benefit customers
  • Expert tyre husbandry and attention to health & safety
  • Regrooving to maximise value 

ATS Euromaster's Approach

ATS Euromaster technicians proactively approached the company, recommending a value-maximising Michelin policy.

As well as offering professional tyre husbandry advice, they organised trials to compare the performance of Michelin tyres against the fleet's existing fitment. Carried out over six months, these showed an outstanding improvement in longevity with the new specification.

In addition, they offered to extend elements of the contract to cover all rental customers, such as emergency breakdown coverage and access to mobile servicing for routine tyre replacements.

ATS Euromaster's 24/7 breakdown service operates nationwide and has an average response time of 65 minutes*. Its mobile tyre-fitting fleet is the largest in the UK and, by delivering routine service work in a customer’s own yard, eliminates the need for trailers to be taken offsite for servicing.

ATS Euromaster's Solution
ATS Euromaster supports Sayers Road Tankers' business by providing expert advice and tyre husbandry support.

Technicians identified Michelin's XTE 3 trailer tyre range as the most appropriate solution to the company's requirements. These tyres deliver exceptional mileage, thanks to a special rubber compound and deep tread. Reinforced shoulders and sidewalls also increase the tyres' capacity to resist damage, making them a safe and reliable option for transporting hazardous chemicals.

In addition, ATS Euromaster delivers:

  • Comprehensive tyre husbandry, including fitment, replacement, repair, twinning, turning on the rim and wheel alignment
  • Regrooving of tyres for a second life, saving costs and reducing environmental impact
  • Nationwide 24/7 breakdown coverage for all customers
  • Access to the mobile tyre-fitting fleet, with remedial work scheduled to maximise fleet uptime

*2010 national average.