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Proactive approach advances business growth

"We chose ATS Euromaster as our tyre service provider when Western Greyhound was a company of just two buses, and they have played a key role in our rapid expansion over the past thirteen years.

We now operate 125 vehicles and count ATS Euromaster as an invaluable business partner, contributing to our continued growth.

Our staff are kept busy managing our growing business, so it's great to know we can rely on the ATS Euromaster technicians at our local centre to handle all areas of tyre management.

The team has acted on initiative, developing tailored methods to minimise vehicle downtime and deliver the efficiency we need - and their 24/7 emergency support across Cornwall is an invaluable additional service. Occasional contact with competitors has reminded us just how high ATS Euromaster’s standards are."

Mark Howarth, Managing Director
Western Greyhound Ltd

Western Greyhound is an award-winning independent bus operator running a network of services around Cornwall. The Newquay-based company began with two buses in 1998 and rapidly expanded, acquiring existing businesses and extending its service area throughout the county, where its green buses are now a familiar sight.

Western Greyhound's fleet comprises mainly Optare Solos and Mercedes-Benz Vario midi-buses, as well as a mixed fleet of 20 double-deckers. There are also seven heritage buses used for wedding and function transport, one of which - an open-top Routemaster - has won prizes at Newquay Carnival.

Business Requirement
As Western Greyhound continues to expand its business, it needs a tyre service provider that can support that growth by adapting its methods to meet the company's increasing needs for efficiency, speed and proactive tyre management.

The company also has a strong commitment to minimising waste and reducing its carbon footprint, and requires a tyre policy that will promote environmental preservation.

The appointed provider needs to deliver:

  • High-quality tyres that give value for money
  • Regular fleet inspections
  • 24/7 rapid-response breakdown service throughout Cornwall
  • An alternative method of tyre replacement, to minimise vehicle downtime
  • A commitment to reducing the company's carbon footprint, reflecting Western Greyhound’s own environmental values
  • A constant stock of all tyre sizes we use

ATS Euromaster's Approach
With its St Austell service centre only ten miles from Western Greyhound's depot, ATS Euromaster is well-placed to respond to the operator's needs. The partnership began as a casual agreement to fit and repair tyres when needed – but ATS Euromaster's proactive approach saw the relationship develop into a formal agreement in 2004.

The contract is tailored to match the company's need for minimised vehicle downtime. In addition, ATS Euromaster delivers a tyre solution that supports Western Greyhound’s commitment to quality and the environment, structured around a Michelin 'Four Lives' policy.

This environmentally-friendly scheme sees worn tyres re-grooved for a second life. Once those are worn, they are sent to Michelin’s Remix plant, where the original tyre casing is remoulded with new rubber. Remix tyres are usually fitted across a fleet's drive axles, and can be re-grooved again.

As an affiliate of the Michelin Group, ATS Euromaster is uniquely positioned to administer this policy.

ATS Euromaster's Solution
Technicians from ATS Euromaster's St Austell centre visit the site each month to carry out fleet inspections and ensure high standards of tyre maintenance are in place. Results are recorded electronically using ATS Euromaster’s 'EDC2' service and relayed back to the centre instantaneously, ensuring swift execution of repairs and replacements.

This is backed up by periodic management reviews between Western Greyhound, ATS Euromaster and Michelin.

To minimise vehicle downtime, ATS Euromaster technicians have developed a system of fitting replacement tyres to spare wheels on-site in advance. Vehicles in need of new tyres can then be fitted promptly as they pass through the depot.

Other services included in Western Greyhound’s contract with ATS Euromaster include:

  • Fitment and repair of Michelin's XZE 2 and XDE 2 ranges
  • Re-grooving and Remixing - minimising environmental impact and costs
  • Turning on the rim
  • Wheel alignment