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Car & Van Batteries for Your Fleet

A flat car or van battery puts an immediate drain on a company’s productivity and is easily preventable. Despite this, flat and dead batteries combined make up the majority of breakdowns in the UK every year.

Rather than wait until one of your fleet’s batteries fails, you can always have your vehicles checked at your nearest ATS Euromaster where you will be given a complete and accurate assessment of the condition of your battery.

At ATS Euromaster, your fleet benefits from:

  • Free battery condition checks
  • Free battery fitting
  • Competitive prices
  • 3 to 5 year unlimited mileage guarantees for car & van batteries (depending on the vehicle type)
  • Batteries for leisure vehicles and motorcycles also available
  • Memory Saver Technology that ensures your radio will work after a battery replacement without needing to contact the manufacturer.

Find your nearest ATS Euromaster for a free battery check

How long does a car or van battery last? 

The batteries used in cars and vans can last anywhere from five to seven years on average, though this can be influenced by factors such as extreme hot and cold temperatures as well as the general usage of the vehicle. If any of the vehicles in your fleet suffer from issues such as trouble turning over the engine, a battery check might be advisable before any other work is carried out, as a replacement battery is often the cheapest and most simple solution. 

Free Fleet battery checks

Before a battery has a chance to go flat, you can check just how much charge it can still hold and the overall condition to see if you’re likely to get caught out come the colder weather hits. At ATS Euromaster we offer free checks using state-of-the-art testing equipment to provide accurate printouts of your battery’s condition and whether or not you are likely to need a replacement.

To benefit from our free battery checks, just visit your nearest ATS Euromaster. If you do need to replace your vehicle’s battery we stock the most common batteries in-centre and offer free fitting for all of our customers.

How to avoid battery failure 

Car & van batteries are extremely susceptible to the weather; not only does cold weather drain a battery’s power, but extreme heat can be equally damaging, reducing the amount of charge your battery can hold. In addition, cold and dark winter weather means increased use of heating and lights, placing a greater strain on the battery. So battery checks are even more important in winter months.

If your business has the space available, parking your vehicles in a covered area can help protect them from the elements and increase their working longevity.

Another factor that can reduce a battery’s life is how it’s used. Irregular usage of your vehicles and over short distances can quickly reduce a battery’s performance. If however you use your vehicles for long-distance driving frequently, these are the ideal conditions for getting the most from your batteries. 

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