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Car and Van Cold Weather Tyres (Winter Tyres)

When your business relies on keeping your vehicles moving, cold weather and snow can seriously impact schedules and your bottom line. Whilst we can’t change the weather, we are committed to minimising its impact by stocking thousands of cold weather van tyres (winter tyres) across our nationwide network, all from brands you know and trust.

Plus, we can store summer tyres during winter, and cold weather tyres during summer in our tyre hotels. For a nominal fee we can:


Key Fact

Cold Weather tyres work better
than summer tyres at temperatures
below 7 degrees, even if there’s no
snow or ice on the road.

  • Remove your cold weather tyres and replace them with summer tyres
  • Clean, mark and store your tyres (and wheels) in a safe, dry environment
  • Refit the tyres (and wheels) next winter

To find out how cold weather tyres can help to keep your fleet moving, speak to your Account Manager or call into any of our centres nationwide. 

Did you know?

A common misconception about cold weather tyres is that they’re only useful for snow and icy conditions:

  • The compounds used in cold weather tyres are different tyres to summer tyres and are provide more grip and traction at cold temperatures (below 7 degrees)
  • In the UK the average monthly temperature is below 7 degrees during 5 months
  • Cold weather tyres are mandatory in many northern European and Alpine Countries throughout Winter
  • Despite their name it’s safe to use cold weather tyres or winter tyres throughout the year
  • Cold Weather tyres will have similar wear and fuel saving characteristics as summer tyres

Why you should consider Car and Van Cold Weather Tyres

  • Safety  - According to Tyre Safe there is a difference of 11 metres in stopping distance (at 19mph) between summer tyres and cold weather tyres.
  • Cost Minimisation –Analysts in Holland studied 25,000 insurance claims and found a 32% increase in claims during winter for vehicles fitted with summer tyres, whilst only a 12% increase for those on cold weather tyres.
  • According to the DFT, in winter 2011/2012 there were 6,693 road accidents. Accidents increase by 267% during winter.

Facts & Figures

Click here to download our cold weather tyres facts & figures

Is it more dangerous on UK roads in Winter?

6693 road accidents in winter. According to Department of Transport road accident statistics winter road accidents in the UK increase by 267%

We don't get the cold weather in the UK to justify Cold Weather Tyres

Cold weather tyres have been specially designed to perform better than summer tyres in both wet and dry conditions below a temperature of 7˚C

Average UK Winter temperatures: 4.5˚C

Number of days temperature fell below 7˚C between beginning of October 2011 and the end of March 2012 : 147 days (source: TyreSafe October 2012)

Why do Cold Weather Tyres perform better than summer tyres?

Cold Weather tyres have:

  • Higher amounts of rubber and silica to remain more flexible to grip at lower temperatures
  • A more "aggressive" tread pattern with deeper grooves helping more of the tyre to be in contact with the road
  • Smaller sipes in the tread which are designed to increase grip in icy conditions.

Cold Weather tyres are not studded, they have a tread pattern designed to cope with cold, wet conditions as well as snow and ice.

CWT Performance Results
Cold weather tyres: Stopping distance 57 metres - on ice at 19mph
Summer tyres: Stopping distance 68 metres - on ice at 19mph
Thats 11 metres difference in stopping distance (source: Tyresafe)

In a test by leading tyre safety organisation Tyresafe, two Michelin-shod Mercedes C-class estates were tested on an ice-rink to show the difference between summer and winter tyres. The car with winter tyres stopped in 7.01m, compared with the summer tyre car's 9.75m. A difference of 40%.

British Tyre Manufacturers' Association found that a car braking at 60mph on a wet road at 5˚C stopped 5 metres shorter, when fitted with cold weather tyres.

Is there a legal requirement for Cold Weather Tyres?

There is currently no legal requirement but to date there are 13 countries in Europe which have winter tyre legislation.

In Holland where cold weather tyres are not a legal requirement, almost 50% of the population chooses to use them for improved safety, performance and handling.

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