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Car and Van Exhausts

With stricter emissions controls for vans and company cars coming into force and smoky exhausts becoming a more common MOT failure, keeping your business vehicles running cleanly and efficiently is an absolute priority.

By simply visiting your nearest ATS Euromaster, our experts can inspect your exhaust system free of charge and identify any issues before it starts to cost you money or downtime. We’ll also advise you about any potential work that needs to be done:


Key Fact

Driving through deep water
can rapidly cool your catalytic
converter leading to damage

  • We can source any replacement parts for cars and vans immediately
  • We will only replace or repair areas that are damaged
  • We supply and fit exhausts and catalytic converters for all makes of car and van
  • All of our exhausts come with a 2 years guarantee from fitting or 20,000 miles (whichever comes sooner). 
  • All Catalytic Converters are guaranteed for 2 years

For more information about our pricing structure,
speak to your Account Manager. To find your
nearest ATS Euromaster, click here.

What to look for

Any of these tell-tale signs may indicate an issue with your exhaust. We recommend calling into your nearest ATS Euromaster for a free, no obligation exhaust inspection if they become apparent:

  • Excessive smoke coming from the exhaust
  • The exhaust is louder then normal
  • Knocking or rattling when driving
  • Visible corrosion, holes or damage
  • The exhaust appears to be hanging low or is dragging

Did you know?

  • Driving through deep water can rapidly cool your catalytic converter causing irreparable damage
  • Bump starting cars can sometimes damage your exhaust system
  • Damaged, corroded or excessively smoking exhausts are a common reason for MOT failure
  • Speed bumps and kerbs are often responsible for causing damage to car and van exhausts

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