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Car and Van MOT Testing

At ATS Euromaster, our experts are qualified to carry out both Class 4 (Car & Light Van) and Class 7 (3.0t - 3.5t Commercial Vans) MOT testing at centres authorised by the Department of Transport.


Key Fact

353,000 cars failed their
first MOT between October
2010 and Sept 2011

Your business will benefit from:

  • 150+ centres with Class 4 MOT capability
  • 50+ centres with Class 7 MOT capability (for 3.0t-3.5t commercial vans)
  • No hassle, honest advice for any rectification work
  • Instant, on-site repairs
  • Free retesting

To find your nearest MOT centre enter your postcode into our store locator and select either MOT Class 4 or MOT class 7 testing.

Facts and Figures

  • The MOT is mandatory for all vehicles over 3 years old registered in the United Kingdom
  • MOT stands for Ministry of Transport
  • The most common reasons for MOT failures are lighting and signalling, tyres and headlight aim. (Source Which Report May 2012)
  • It can only be carried out by specialist centres authorised by the Department of Transport

What the MOT checks for

An MOT test takes about an hour to complete and the key areas it covers are:

  • Lights - Should all be operational, the right colour and aim in the right direction
  • Emissions - Vehicle has to meet requirements for that particular model
  • Windscreens – Must be free from cracks and major chips
  • Steering & Suspension - Must be in good condition and operate correctly
  • Registration Plate - Needs to be legible in the correct format and generally in good condition
  • Brakes & Tyres - Both must be in good condition. Tyres should be the correct type, size and a safe tread depth

For a comprehensive checklist covered in the MOT, please click here to find out more

MOT Classifications

There are 7 different classes of MOT:

  • Class I & II - Solus motor bicycles
  • Class II - Motor bicycles with side car combinations
  • Class III - Three wheeled vehicles
  • Class IV - Cars & Light vans; minibuses
  • Class IVA - Minibuses with additional seatbelts
  • Class V - Non-PSV minibuses and buses
  • Class VA - Non-PSV minibuses and buses with additional seat belts
  • Class VII - Light goods vehicles (gross weight of more than 3,000kg but not more than 3,500kg)

Please ask at your local ATS Euromaster Service Centre to find out which class of MOT test is offered*.

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