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Class 4 & 7 MOT Testing for Fleet Cars and Vans

Regardless of the size of your business, if you rely on cars and vans for anything, you’ll want your vehicles’ annual MOT tests to go as smoothly as possible. With more than 160 ATS Euromaster test centres around the UK, you don’t have to go far to find everything you need to keep your cars road-legal for another year longer. 

At ATS Euromaster we offer both Class 4 MOTs (for cars and light vans) and Class 7 MOTs (for 3 to 3.5 tonne commercial vans), so you’re covered no matter what kind of vehicle your business relies on.

  • More than 160 ATS Euromaster centres across the UK offer Class 4 MOT testing
  • Class 7 MOT testing available from more than 60 ATS Euromaster centres nationwide
  • On-site repair work available
  • Free retesting of vehicles
  • Unbiased, honest advice for any work that may need to be carried out

Find your nearest Class 4 & Class 7 MOT test centres

Fleet MOTs

At ATS Euromaster we are prepared for your fleet of vehicles when it comes to MOT testing time. With more than 160 Class 4 testing centres and more than 60 Class 7 testing centres across the UK we’re near and on-hand for whenever you need us.

Do Class 7 MOTs take place in commercial test centres? 

While Class 4 and Class 7 MOTs are overall very similar and check many of the same areas, Class 7 MOTs may require a larger inspection ramp to accommodate for larger vehicles. Class 7 MOT testing is conveniently available at more than 60 ATS Euromaster centres nationwide.

Are Class 7 MOT requirements different?

Class 7 MOTs are for commercial vehicles weighing between 3,000kg and 3,500kg. Cars and smaller vans require a Class 4 MOT.

The tests for both vehicle classes for the most part cover the same areas, but Class 7 MOTs allow for greater weights from heavier vehicles, checking that the tyres fitted are suitable for the load that they are carrying. Additionally, braking efficiency is calculated differently for Class 7 vehicles.

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