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Shock Absorbers

When it comes to keeping the suspension on your company cars and vans in a safe and roadworthy condition you can rely on our experts at ATS Euromaster.

As well as keeping the tyre in contact with the road, shock absorbers that are in good working order will cushion the road impact, prevent excessive chassis rebound and generally improve road handling, ensuring the safety and comfort of your drivers.

With a national network of centres offering suspension services for all makes of cars and vans, simply drive into your nearest ATS Euromaster and ask for a suspension check.

Why is Suspension important?

Suspension plays a major part in ensuring driver safety and comfort. Problems could lead to some or all of the following:

  • Increased Braking Distance.
  • Travel Sickness and Driving Fatigue
  • Aquaplaning

Replacement parts should be fitted in pairs to retain vehicle stability.

Signs of Suspension Issues

It’s not always easy to spot when car or van shock absorbers need replacing, but we recommend that you visit us if:

  • the front of your car or van dips when braking
  • your vehicle is swayed by side winds
  • handling is poor
  • the vehicle pulls to one side

Gradual wear of suspension parts means that problems often go unnoticed and the driver unknowingly adjusts their driving style to compensate.

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