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We don’t need to baffle you with government facts and figures to highlight the importance of reducing your emissions, but new legislation makes it a subject impossible for businesses to avoid.

Carbon Cutter, our innovative new mobile service, can help you cut fuel and emissions by inspecting your fleet’s tyre pressures and wheel alignment, identifying areas that, if improved, could minimise your fleet’s impact on the environment and ultimately save your business money.

Each inspection is followed by an email with a detailed breakdown, highlighting whether tyres were at the recommended pressures, and whether their wheel alignment on each vehicle was correct or not.

What is Carbon Cutter?

Our mobile service is designed to inspect and regularly maintain the correct pressures and wheel alignments of your fleet, reducing costs and carbon footprint.

Our nationwide network of technicians can visit you on site to carry out their report and rectify any problems on the spot.

Any incorrect tyre pressures will be corrected immediately, at no extra cost. Re-alignment can be rectified on site or at one of our centres at the nearest available opportunity.

All tyres that have been checked will be fitted with green valve caps. We will also leave a sticker detailing the recommended pressure per tyre and provide you with a report detailing all work we have carried out.

We will visit your depot at 3, 6 or 9 monthly intervals to suit your fleet’s workload.*

Service bookings can be made in advance and are available at a 15 minute rate, 7 days a week.

Potential Fuel & CO2 Savings

By comparing a vehicle running with 'new' Michelin tyres only, at the suggested pressures, with one which has tyre pressures 20% below suggested levels there would be an extra fuel cost of £731 a year. It will needlessly contribute an extra 1.91 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere too.

The monetary and carbon costs of having mis-aligned wheels are equally significant. A vehicle that is just one degree mis-aligned on the first steer axle (compared to one that is correct) will cost approximately £1,245 in extra fuel per year or 2.94 tonnes of CO2.

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