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MasterCARE Fleet Tyre Inspections

We understand the importance of proactive fleet maintenance to minimise the risk of vehicle breakdown and unexpected costs, whilst ensuring the safety of your drivers. That's why our experts offer an Electronic Fleet Inspection Service to all truck and van customers.

  • Scheduled, electronically managed, tyre inspections
  • Minimises the risk of tyre failures and prolongs tyre life
  • Optimises tyre maintenance
  • Identifies potential hazards
  • Helps to avoid vehicle downtime
  • By checking the condition of your fleet's tyres at regular inspection intervals, we can identify when tyres are damaged or in need of replacement and recommend service work to maintain or extend the life of your tyres too. You have a choice of 3 options with MasterCARE:

    FREE VISUAL CHECK - Damage & Legality Check with a summary of vehicles inspected and requiring action

    MASTERCARE 1 - Comprehensive Inspections in accordance with your bespoke tyre policy. With detailed online reporting

    MASTERCARE 2 - Added Benefits of tyre replacement forecasts, asset valuations and tyre air pressure checks



    • Take action before issues result in downtime
    • Benefit from a complete real-time view of your fleet's tyre conditions
    • Visibility of planned or recommended remedial work
    • View a list of vehicles yet to be inspected
    • Reports accessible by email or online within an hour
    • Access historical data by fleet, vehicle or wheel
    • MASTERCARE 2 ALSO INCLUDES: Measuring and recording tyre air pressures. As well as enhanced reporting including asset valuations, predicted replacement reports, Annual KPI progress reports and a Top 10 'most costly vehicles' report.


    • Ensure your fleet is legally compliant
    • Supports your Duty of Care
    • Adherence to your bespoke tyre policy
    • Update your fleet list at any time
    • MASTERCARE 2 ALSO INCLUDES: Full control over job authorisation


    • Effectively manage your fleet’s tyre performance
    • Accurately forecast your future tyre needs
    • Plan tyre expenditure

    For more information about MasterCARE Electronic Fleet inspections please speak to your Account Manager or enquire online today about opening an ATS account.

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