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Truck Tyre Pressure Maintenance

At ATS Euromaster, our experts are on hand to help your fleet benefit from having the correct truck tyre pressure maintenance.


Key Fact

An 4x2 artic with tyres between
10% and 20% underinflated on
long haul work experiences
an approximate 1.25% increase
in fuel usage.

They'll assess your trucks' specific applications, load type, road use and mileage before recommending the exact pressures to ensure your employees are comfortable and safe at all times. You'll immediately see improvements in fuel economy, grip and handling and even increased tyre life.

All these factors will contribute to reducing roadside breakdowns.

Potential costs from incorrectly inflated tyres

  • If tyre pressure is 20% too low, its mileage performance is reduced by 19% and fuel consumption will increase by 2%
  • If tyre pressure is 20% too high, mileage performance is reduced by 22% 

Why not input your fleet data into our easy to use tyre pressure calculator to see what effect incorrect truck tyre pressure is having on your fleet.

Also, to see a video of the effects of rapid deflation on a tyre potentially caused by incorrect inflation, click on the tab below.

Effects of incorrect tyre pressure

Low pressure can lead to:

  • Higher tyre temperature which increases tyre wear and decreases mileage performance
  • High rolling resistance which increases fuel consumption
  • In extreme cases this can also lead to tyre damage

An over inflated tyre can generate:

  • Increased slip, lower grip
  • Greater wear on the central part of the tyre
  • Altered driving performance
  • Reduced tyre lifetime 


Heavy Tyre Explosions

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