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Truck Wheels

Choosing the right truck wheels demands the right service and advice. So whether you’re after steel or aluminium wheels, our experts can help.

They can offer advice based on weight saving and fuel reduction potential, longevity of service life or even cosmetic improvements. Plus, they’re trained to spot any potential issues before they become a problem.

With over 200 specialist truck centres, we’ll have the stock when and where you need it, whether it’s on a roadside breakdown or fitted at your yard.

Getting to know Truck Wheels

Safety and Security - Our 10 Point Check

We understand the importance of wheel safety to your fleet, and know it’s not always easy to spot the early symptoms of wheel fatigue. That’s why our experts carry out a thorough 10-point check, when working on your wheels.

Our 10 point check will assess the wheel for the following:

  • Dents and Damage
  • Cracks
  • Poor Mating Surfaces
  • Centre Bore Damage
  • Stud Hole Elongation
  • Valve Security Issues
  • Wheel Nut Condition
  • Signs of Under Inflation
  • Markings on Nave Plate
  • Corrosion


Our Truck Wheel Offer

We’ll help you to choose the right wheels depending upon whether it is fuel saving, payload or appearance that’s important to you.

Aluminium – As well as looking great, aluminium wheels can offer significant weight savings over standard steel wheels, allowing you to lower your operating costs through increased payload and fuel usage reductions.

Steel Wheels – We offer a wide range of replacement steel wheels for truck and trailer.

Why not talk to your Account Manager about special Tyre and Wheel packages too.

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