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Wheel Alignment for Trucks

When you operate a fleet of trucks that drive long distances, it is important to be confident that your trucks are all getting the best fuel mileage and tyre wear possible.

Even a 1 degree misalignment of your wheels can reduce the effective life of a tyre by 7%, so routine checks need to be carried out to make sure that your fleet is running efficiently. Misalignment of just one degree on the steer axle can increase rolling resistance by 5%

Misalignment of a truck’s wheels can also cause unnecessary stress to components in and around the axle, causing eventual, costly damage.

Our technicians are skilled in detecting wear on tyres and can reliably tell you exactly how you can save money across your entire fleet.

Correct wheel alignment can:

  • Improve comfort for the driver
  • Reduce mechanical failures
  • Maintain consistent reliability across your fleet
  • Reduce your fleet costs with reduced fuel and tyre expenditure
  • Improve overall ride comfort for your drivers, improving wellbeing

To make savings for the rest of your fleet, find out about wheel alignment for cars and vans.


A truck’s camber could be out of alignment if an excessive amount of wear appears on the shoulders on one or more tyres. The camber effects the angle at which a tyre sits on the road, and aligned with either too much positive or negative camber can mean the weight is shifted on to the tyres unevenly, causing wear in one area of the tyre.

Caster angle

Similar to the camber angle, a wheel’s steering axis can be biased in one direction. Caster is positive when the steering axis is biased towards the rear and negative when it is tilting towards the front. In addition to reducing tyre wear, caster misalignment can affect a vehicle’s handling.   

Toe settings 

Toe settings determine the horizontal angle at which the wheels sit in relation to each other. A neutral toe angle is ideal, as it allows the wheels to stay perfectly parallel at all times. Excessive toe-in (when the fronts of the tyres are angled in towards each other) can cause premature wear to the outside of the tyres, while toe-out (front of the tyre angled away from each other) can cause premature wear to the inside of the tyres.

Trailer alignment

The benefits of correct wheel alignment on a truck are lost if attached to a trailer which doesn’t have aligned tandem axles. Misalignment of these wheels can cause excessive wear on all tyres on the trailer, as well as creating unnecessary additional rolling resistance for the vehicle towing, which increases fuel consumption.  

Use our wheel alignment calculator to see how much money you could save on tyres every year by having the correct wheel alignment.



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