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With vehicle running costs at their highest in history, fleets must now pay even closer attention to their fuel and tyre costs than ever before.

Not only can improved tyre husbandry and commitment to fitting the right tyre cut replacement bills, the positive effect on fuel efficiency can significantly improve your bottom line.

Put simply, it has never been more important to work with a tyre service provider that offers honest, expert advice. At ATS Euromaster, our comprehensive truck service offers:

  • Roadside & Non-Roadside Rapid Response tyre breakdown assistance
  • Scheduled on-site service work
  • Electronic Fleet Inspections
  • Tyre Regrooving
  • Tyre Repairs (minor and major*)

    Key Fact

    We offer complete tyre service
    management packages in the form
    of Pence per Kilometre (PPK) and Transactional Contracts.

    * Service carried out by third party

  • Twinning
  • Turn on Rims
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Pressure Maintenance

To find out more, contact your Account Manager or follow the links below.

Alternatively, see how much your business could save through proactive tyre management with our online calculator.

* Service carried out by third party

Benefits of Tyre Servicing

By using our truck tyre services our experts can help you to:

  • Reduce your fuel bills
  • Minimise your Carbon Output
  • Reduce tyre related-breakdowns
  • Improve your health and safety credentials and Duty of Care
  • Maximise tyre longevity
  • Decrease vehicle downtime

Why use ATS Euromaster?


  • We carry out over 550,000 fleet inspections per year
  • Our expert technicians are trained to the highest standards in the industry


  • We’ll tell you where remedial work is required and not prematurely fit tyres
  • Our services prolong the life of your tyres to give you the best whole life value

Easy to do Business With

  • Our Breakdown Call centre is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Our Customer Services handle 33,000 calls a month
  • We have over 800 service vehicles nationally that can come to your site to carry out work

Outstanding Customer Care

  • We attended over 91,000 callouts in 2012
  • Our average response time for breakdowns in 2012 was 65 minutes

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