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Acumen Appoints National Service Provider

18 Jun 2010 15:37

The strength of ATS Euromaster’s nationwide rapid response service has helped to secure a new agreement to fit tyres across Acumen’s 40-strong fleet of car transporters.  It puts each of the company’s drivers a single call away from roadside assistance in the event of a tyre-related breakdown, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Prior to appointing ATS Euromaster, Acumen sourced tyres for its Automotive Division from a local independent tyre dealer, which would coordinate requests for roadside assistance via other independent agents.

“This proved fairly hit and miss,” says Barry Raybould, Fleet Manager at Northampton-based Acumen.  “By appointing ATS Euromaster we have access to the single largest fleet of mobile support vehicles in the tyre industry.  It means our drivers can get rapid assistance at the roadside, regardless of their location or the time of day.”

Acumen is also combining the appointment of ATS Euromaster with the move to a 100 per cent Michelin-based policy, with consistency of brand fitment a key factor in its decision to appoint a national supplier.

“Dealing with different local agents meant there was no consistency in the tyre brand being fitted.  In contrast, every ATS Euromaster service centre and rapid response vehicle has immediate access to our agreed policy.  So if a driver calls in with a puncture from the roadside, the mobile technician should arrive with the exact replacement tyre already loaded in his van,” he adds.

Acumen is also trialling ‘Euromaster Inspector’, ATS Euromaster’s electronic tyre inspection service which is designed to ensure safety and compliance.  It sees monthly tyre safety checks carried out across the fleet to record each tyre’s condition and tread depth.  Once completed, the data is automatically sent to both Acumen and the local ATS Euromaster centre, advising of any remedial action required and the agreed timescale for completion.  It also provides a system for checking that service work has been completed and signed off.

Acumen Logistics Group has recently completed two strategic acquisitions to further increase its penetration into the automotive logistics sector.  This saw it acquire Auto UK Logistics in June 2009, followed by Grayston Automotive UK in January 2010.

Acumen delivers finished vehicles on behalf of a number of manufacturers and auction houses.  This includes contracts to deliver export Land Rover vehicles to UK ports of exit, using a fleet of trailers designed specifically for the transportation of large 4x4s.  It also carries out a significant volume of work for customers including Toyota and Manheim.

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