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14 Sep 2012 13:39

ATS Euromaster is championing wheel security with the release of a specialised training DVD designed to demonstrate the best practice in wheel security, illustrating the correct procedures for preparing, removing, inspecting and fitting the most common types of commercial vehicle wheels.

The DVD is being utilised as a valuable interactive learning tool within specific ATS Euromaster technician training courses, which help to ensure consistency in knowledge and skills nationwide. To illustrate the danger of wheel loss it features footage of a stationary vehicle being struck by a truck tyre at 40 mph, resulting in considerable damage.

The DVD demonstrates the 15 steps to go through to correctly replace a wheel, emphasising that correct procedures avoid damage to vehicles, downtime, missed loads, prohibition notices, operating license penalties, damage to property, possibility of criminal prosecution, personal injury, and even death.

“It’s one thing to say that correct re-torque procedures are crucial after a new tyre has been fitted,” says Peter Fairlie, Group Sales Director at ATS Euromaster. “But this DVD helps us demonstrate the real dangers of not following procedures, on the road. In addition, the DVD forms an integral part of our ‘Safe by Choice’ programme, designed to make safety a personal choice for every member of staff. The key message is that if our technicians do find any abnormality, they should act on it. And they do.”

ATS Euromaster is rolling out the DVD over its commercial, car and van network, covering more than 2,000 employees including centre operations managers and technicians nationwide.

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