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ATS Euromaster Encourages UK Drivers to Follow European Example

11 Oct 2010 11:06

Concerns for a consecutive harsh winter have prompted tyre experts ATS Euromaster to offer specialist cold weather tyres to retail customers for the first time.

Historically, the UK climate has proved too mild to warrant the use of tyres specifically suited to temperatures less than seven degrees Celsius. But when the country experienced its worst spell of snow and ice in three decades earlier this year, coupled with record low temperatures, thousands of motorists were left stranded or were involved in collisions.

As a result, ATS Euromaster’s 377 nationwide fast-fit centres are offering drivers a safer alternative – a set of dedicated cold weather tyres designed to provide much better grip and reduced stopping distances in cold, wet and icy conditions. Motorists can keep their ‘summer’ tyres ready for re-fitting next March or April.

“After the experiences many suffered last winter we know our customers are keen to be prepared for the worst and able to keep their vehicles running safely throughout the winter,” said Chris Hufflett, Group Operations Director at ATS Euromaster. “So many were left stranded or involved in accidents, or knew people who were, that this year drivers are keen to be more prepared for the worst and able to keep their vehicles running safely.”

The direct benefits of cold weather tyres can be noticed as soon as the temperature drops below seven degrees Celsius. At that point conventional tyre rubber becomes harder, resulting in reduced grip and braking ability. Specialist cold weather tyres are made using a higher concentration of silica which prevents such hardening, enabling them to maintain better traction in low temperatures as well as in the wet and on snow, slush and ice.

Each year the Euromaster Group fits hundreds of thousands of cold weather tyres across northern Europe – their use is mandatory in Austria, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden, and fitment is also common practice in Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. In Germany drivers can be fined unless they use cold weather tyres when driving on snow and ice.

Hufflett added: “Motorists across northern Europe are used to having two sets of tyres for safety reasons and it seems only right to offer drivers in the UK that option too. As the British are renowned for talking about the weather perhaps it is only right that they are properly prepared for it!”

Earlier this year ATS Euromaster announced a £3 million investment in cold weather tyres, prompting significant interest from fleet customers. Orders have already been received from emergency services, government departments, home delivery companies and leasing firms.

The company is offering a range of cold weather tyres from popular brands including Michelin and Dunlop – with tyres for everything from city cars and hatchbacks, to family saloons, high performance vehicles, MPVs and vans.

For free advice or to buy cold weather tyres motorists can arrange to visit their local ATS Euromaster centre by calling 0800 601060, visiting www.atseuromaster.co.uk or by texting ‘tyres’ to 83332.

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