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ATS Euromaster Extends Major Contract with Gregory Distribution

07 May 2010 14:08

The deal, valued at over £4 million, cements a relationship between the two companies which dates back to the early 1990s. It sees two ATS Euromaster technicians working full-time at Gregory Distribution centres at Cullompton and North Tawton.

Andy Price, Engineering Services Manager at Devon-based Gregory Distribution, says: “ATS Euromaster has always managed our tyres to the highest of standards. Its tyre husbandry expertise and commitment to following Michelin’s Four Lives package ensures that the tyres it fits perform to their absolute maximum potential.”

Gregory Distribution’s fleet has recently expanded after the company acquired Devon-based Kay Transport in July 2009, adding 80 vehicles.  It also formed a joint venture company with Hayton Coulthard Transport in February 2010, increasing its trailer parc by 110 units. Both of these deals have further strengthened the range of vehicles and trailers found on the fleet, enabling Gregory Distribution to offer its customers additional flexibility.

“ATS Euromaster’s technical team outlines specific tyres and pressures for each of our vehicle and trailer configurations, making sure that they complement each application.  Now that our fleet has expanded again, this is more important than ever,” says Price.

“Furthermore, we have consistently achieved a regroove rate of over 60 per cent at our main sites for the last six years, which is approximately twice the national average.  This brings direct benefits as it increases longevity when the tyre is in its most fuel-efficient state, which in turn has a positive impact on fuel economy.  It also clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of our tyre policy and the attention to detail we receive from ATS Euromaster,” he adds.

Central to ATS Euromaster’s achievements are the routine tyre safety inspections carried out at each depot on a monthly basis. Using an electronic data capture (EDC2) system, the service sees ATS Euromaster technicians record each tyre’s condition and tread depth onto a small handheld computer before uploading the report in ‘real time’ to the central Euromaster Inspector database. Following this, any replacements or service work required can be coordinated directly by the local ATS Euromaster centre.

Also included in the contract is ATS Euromaster’s Web Reporter system, which provides online access to information regarding all new tyre purchases and service work, whether it has been carried out by the resident fitters, specialist truck centres or using one of ATS Euromaster’s mobile service vans. Web Reporter allows Gregory Distribution to track tyre trends across its fleet and is particularly useful for highlighting any vehicles where regular tyre damage is recorded, suggesting a possible requirement to adjust a route or engage the driver in additional training.

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