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24 Sep 2013 14:15

Tyre expert ATS Euromaster is introducing three new mid-range Taurus steer and drive tyres for trucks and coaches, each built in European plants by one of the world’s largest tyre manufacturers.

The new Taurus Roads F (steer) and Taurus Roads D (drive) fitments replace a previous generation of tyre in the popular 225/75 R 22.5, 295/80 R 22.5 and 315/80 R 22.5 sizes.  Suitable for long and short journeys on all types of roads, they feature a robust casing, optimised contact patch and a directional tread pattern on the drive axle to ensure even wear.

All three new drive tyres carry M+S (Mud + Snow) sidewall markings as a sign of excellent grip and traction during winter. The 295/80 and 315/80 drive tyres also meet the new 3PMSF (3 Peaks Mountain Snow Flake) standard – a further indication of impressive grip on snow-covered roads.

Peter Fairlie, Group Sales Director of ATS Euromaster, says: “Taurus tyres are manufactured in Michelin Group factories within Europe, each meeting stringent environmental and quality management standards. This gives customers the reassurance they are buying quality tyres purpose-built for European road and climate conditions.

“Taurus tyres are also designed to be regroovable and retreadable, which enables our technicians to help fleets extract multiple lives and maximum value from the same robust casing.”

The three new Taurus steer and drive tyres are available exclusively from ATS Euromaster truck centres nationwide, and form part of a ‘Roads’ range available in eight different sizes.

ATS Euromaster also offer Taurus’ specialist ‘On/Off’ line-up of tyres for vehicles with a requirement to operate off-road, when delivering to building sites and quarries. There is also a ‘City’ range for refuse collection vehicles and city buses working in urban and suburban areas at low average speeds.

Taurus tyres are one of several mid-range commercial vehicle tyre brands stocked by ATS Euromaster. Together with a line-up of premium and budget tyres, they ensure ATS Euromaster has a mobility solution to suit every customer’s budget.


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