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ATS Euromaster Pulls A Pre-Christmas Cracker

06 Nov 2009 14:20

ATS Euromaster is offering commercial vehicle operators with between 10 and 50 vehicles a chance to experience how its proven tyre management skills can help extend tyre life and reduce expenditure on new rubber - free of charge!

The pre-Christmas no-obligation offer comprises a complimentary fleet tyre audit with any resulting re-grooving, twinning or turning of tyres on the rim carried out by an ATS Euromaster mobile service technician at no cost. This allows fleets to experience at first hand the added value of effective tyre husbandry.

The audit is typical of the routine fleet inspections which form a core part of most ATS Euromaster tyre contracts, with each tyre inspected, tread depths recorded and pressures checked. This not only ensures all tyres are maintained in a safe and legal condition, but enables ATS Euromaster to carry out key services to prolong tyre longevity.

Peter Fairlie, Group Sales Director at ATS Euromaster, says: “Our expertise really comes into its own when we can work with a fleet to manage their tyres, performing regular inspections and services to extract the full mileage potential from every van, truck and trailer tyre.

“In the current economic climate operators are striving to look at every area of expenditure, and we’re confident that our tyre management skills can make a very significant contribution to the bottom line. That’s why we’re inviting fleets to experience one of our fleet audits, and the follow-up service work, absolutely free of charge,” he adds.

As an added benefit, regular ATS Euromaster fleet audits help to support a customer’s Duty of Care responsibilities and help to protect its Operators Licence, whilst also ensuring all tyres comply with C&U regulations. Regular checks also help to reduce the risk of tyre related breakdowns and allow the customer to actively follow a programme of good tyre husbandry.

Commercial vehicle operators looking to apply for the free fleet audit can contact ATS Euromaster on 0870 066 3623.

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