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ATS Euromaster Ramps-Up Its Dual-Purpose Fleet

16 Dec 2009 14:33

ATS Euromaster has adapted the specification of its latest dual-purpose car and truck mobile service vans with the design of an aluminium ramp which fits onto each of its 26 new Iveco Daily 35S12 fleet replacements, to ease the loading and unloading of large tyre and wheel assemblies.

The 3.5 tonne dual-purpose mobiles afford ATS Euromaster maximum flexibility by being built to fit tyres for both car and commercial vehicle fleets. This means they need to carry equipment specific to both roles, which increases the unladen weight compared to the company’s fleet of dedicated car and truck units.

Tim Richards, Group Vehicle and Equipment Manager at ATS Euromaster, says: “Payload is key with tyre fitting as vehicles tend to leave a service centre in the morning stocked with the tyres they need for the day, and as a new tyre is fitted, a worn casing is collected. This means we’re always running fully loaded.

“The new aluminium ramp weighs just 8kg and replaces a previous wheel-lift system which weighed over 70kg. This saving is helping to offset the increased weight of modern vehicles, whilst maximising payload potential and meeting all health and safety requirements,” he adds.

The ramp attaches to the rear of the vehicle and can be moved from left to right, allowing the technician to securely position it according to which side of the vehicle the tyre is being stored. Its aluminium treadplate surface provides maximum grip when loading and unloading tyres, even in wet conditions.
Richards adds: “Tyres are easy to manoeuvre when they are rolling, which means the ramps work well, even with a super single trailer tyre and wheel assembly which can weigh as much as 140kg. Plus being so light, it is easy to lift in and out of the vehicle.”

ATS Euromaster operates a fleet of approximately 1,000 mobile service vans, including 128 dedicated ‘car’ mobiles, 200 dual-purpose units which can support both car and commercial vehicle fleets, together with over 500 mobiles used exclusively for commercial vehicle operations. It also includes specialist 4x4s and flatbeds for fitting tyres in the agricultural and industrial sectors, together with 140 car-derived vans used by the company’s team of mobile fleet inspectors and other support functions around the business.

The new Iveco Daily’s are expected to remain on the fleet for at least five years and will be spread across ATS Euromaster’s network of 380 service centres.

ATS Euromaster has invested over £3 million in new mobile service vans for its fleet in 2009, including the delivery of 44 new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter ‘car’ mobiles, 26 dual-purpose Iveco Daily vans, 33 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter truck units, 5 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter flatbeds and three car-derived vans.

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