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09 Mar 2012 09:40

ATS Euromaster is completing the final stages of its preparations for supporting customers operating across London this summer, and close to other major sporting venues throughout the UK.  The company is putting in place a raft of measures to ensure it can continue to meet all customer demands.

The national tyre and fast-fit specialist has three centres located within six miles of Stratford (Bow, Leyton and Camden).  However, its planning is taking into account all 15 centres within the M25, those close to major sporting venues outside London and centres near major airports, where traffic is expected to reach record levels on 13 August (the day after the closing ceremony).

Chris Hufflett, Group Operations Director at ATS Euromaster says: “The scale of the events in London this summer will be unprecedented for the UK and this makes planning essential.  We’ve been developing our service delivery strategy for more than a year and we’re confident we’ll be able to offer fleets the best possible support.

“However, it’s essential for operators expecting significant activity in and around the venues being used to brief us now, so we can meet any special requirements demanded by areas with restricted access,” he adds.

Steps already being taken by ATS Euromaster include ensuring each local centre is equipped with two months’ worth of consumables.  Its team of fleet inspectors in the London area is also being bolstered during May and June, to ensure all routine electronic tyre safety inspections for local fleets are up-to-date.  This will allow all remedial tyre service work to be carried out in advance, to help protect against unexpected downtime and minimise disruption.

To meet heightened customer demand, ATS Euromaster is also preparing to bring in extra technicians from outside London to support local staff and fleet customers.  This may include adding night-shifts at specific London-based centres, as well as deploying additional LEZ-compliant mobile service vehicles.

The company is also working with fleets operating within key event venues to ensure a team of mobile service technicians nationally is pre-accredited by the event organisers.  This will enable ATS Euromaster to quickly despatch roadside rapid-response support vehicles in the event a customer suffers a tyre-related breakdown within the close vicinity of a sporting venue.

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