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18 Jun 2015 15:14

ATS Euromaster has launched MasterCARE, a new service package for cars, 4x4s, vans, trucks, trailers, buses and coaches designed to provide easy access to a range of pre-emptive tyre safety checks.

The package is focused on scheduled, electronically managed tyre inspections to minimise the risk of tyre failures and prolong tyre life, through optimal tyre maintenance and identifying potential service issues before they lead to vehicle downtime.

MasterCARE comes with a variety of service options, including checks of tread depths, valve caps and tyre pressures by expert technicians, along with general visual damage checks, ensuring no potential tyre issue is missed. Once completed, ATS Euromaster provides an electronic report detailing tyre condition, work carried out at the time and what anticipated remedial work will be required in the near future.

Managers can rely on ATS Euromaster to provide honest feedback of exactly what is required to keep their tyres in good condition, thanks to ATS Euromaster’s nationwide team of inspectors and the largest mobile tyre fitting fleet in theUK.

The resulting management reports also contain valuable information highlighting the most costly vehicles to maintain, enabling operators to identify careless driver behaviour through wear patterns or excessive tread loss – and take action to address it. This helps fleet operators to cut their costs and avoid expensive and inconvenient downtime.

Mike Williams, Head of National Accounts at ATS Euromaster, says: “Every fleet is dependent on drivers performing daily walk-around checks to identify problems with vehicles before they become significant or pose safety risks. But with MasterCARE, those drivers are supported with a second regular inspection from a true tyre expert. It provides the peace of mind that all tyres are safe, legal and being properly maintained, and with thorough reporting is perfect for multi-site operations, where fleet managers traditionally might not be able to get a comprehensive overview of all vehicle operations.”

MasterCARE is available now on all vehicle types, from all ATS Euromaster centres across the country.

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