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Autumn Statement Response - ATS Euromaster

05 Dec 2012 13:35

ATS Euromaster: “The Chancellor’s avoided delivering a hammer blow to the economy with his decision on fuel duty; but what we really needed to hear was a 3-6 pence per litre (ppl) reduction in fuel duty to encourage growth and consumer spending, whilst reducing distribution costs to everyone’s benefit.”

ATS Euromaster Group Managing Director Ian Stuart has welcomed the decision of Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, to scrap the planned fuel duty increase in today’s Autumn Statement, but is urging the Government to do more to help private motorists, fleets and hauliers.

The Chancellor bowed to pressure from FairFuelUK and millions of voters by scrapping the planned 3ppl rise in fuel duty, which was due to take effect from January 2013.  With VAT at 20 per cent, this will help to keep pump prices down by almost 4ppl and comes at a time when motorists are paying near record prices on the forecourt.

Stuart, who heads Birmingham-based ATS Euromaster, the UK’s largest comprehensive tyre specialist and itself an operator of 1,200 vehicles, said: “We’re technically out of recession, but the country is still desperately trying to get back on its feet and the cost of fuel is dragging businesses and motorists down. Scrapping the fuel duty increase is a positive step; but a 3-6ppl reduction would have given the country a far bigger boost.”

ATS Euromaster is also reminding vehicle owners that there are measures they can take quickly to lessen the impact that current high fuel prices are having on their finances.

Stuart explains: “Tyre condition directly impacts on fuel efficiency.  It doesn’t matter whether you are driving a car, van or truck – get your pressures and wheel alignment right, and you’ll save fuel.”

ATS Euromaster recommends tyre pressures be checked at least once a month and before any long journey. Wheel alignment should be checked annually, and after any violent shock to a vehicle’s tyres – such as hitting a deep pothole, regularly driving over speed bumps or mounting the kerb.

Industry research* shows that car tyres under-inflated by 15 psi (1 bar) have increased rolling resistance leading to around 6 per cent greater fuel consumption.

Incorrect wheel alignment means that a vehicle’s tyres are pulling in opposite directions which can result in rapid uneven tyre wear, reduced fuel economy and can seriously affect handling and safety.

“Checking tyre condition isn’t just about vehicle safety; it’s about being kinder to your wallet and to the environment.  The savings are there for the taking – it’s a no-brainer to take advantage of them,” he adds.

ATS Euromaster offers free tyre pressure checks at any of its fast-fit centres.

*Source: Michelin

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