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08 Jul 2014 11:23

ATS Euromaster believes a large number of truck fleets could improve fuel efficiency by monitoring tyre pressures after a Texaco survey found only 42 per cent of operators undertake the checks.

The survey of 500 truck fleets was part of the Texaco Operator Research Programme, and focused on all aspects of running a fleet such as vehicle maintenance.

Simon Tattersall, ATS Euromaster’s Head of National Fleets, says: “This survey highlights there’s still a large number of operators which don’t regularly check pressures. Underinflated or overinflated tyres not only wear faster and risk using more fuel, they can have serious safety and reliability implications too.

“Pressures should be checked periodically, ideally monthly, to ensure tyres remain safe, reliable and fuel efficient. Optimising pressures will also extend overall tyre life too, meaning you save money through buying fewer tyres. This might sound like strange advice for a tyre supplier to give, but it is typical of the honest advice we offer customers every day.”

ATS Euromaster research revealed truck tyres which are up to 20 per cent underinflated could cost up to £555 extra in fuel per vehicle per year* and reduce overall tyre life.

One way fleets can ensure tyres are maintained at the optimum pressures is by implementing an expertly managed tyre policy.

A comprehensive policy, where regular inspections are carried out by experienced technicians, allows tyres to be closely monitored. This helps to keep tyres in the best possible condition, guard against unexpected downtime and ensure replacements are fitted at the optimal time.

The Texaco research also found that just 8 per cent of truck fleets were fitting low rolling resistance ‘Energy’ tyres as a measure to improve fuel efficiency.

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