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Dutch Survey Highlights Benefits of Fitting Cold Weather Tyres

02 Dec 2010 11:51

ATS Euromaster is pointing to the results of a Dutch survey into road traffic accidents as evidence that UK fleets would be safer if they fitted cold weather tyres.  The survey by traffic psychologist Adriaan Heino revealed that cars with cold weather tyres were involved in significantly less accidents during winter than those which remained on ‘summer’ tyres.

Heino studied 25,000 insurance claims made via insurer Centraal Beheer Achmea.  He found that cars fitted with summer tyres experienced a 32 per cent increase in claims over winter, compared with just 12 per cent for vehicles with cold weather tyres.

Chris Hufflett, Group Operations Director of ATS Euromaster, says the results are particularly noteworthy given that the Netherlands shares a similar climate to the UK and was the last major European country to start fitting seasonal tyres on a large scale.

Hufflett explains: “There is still a misconception in the UK that cold weather tyres are only designed for driving on snow and ice, but the actual benefits are noticeable as soon as the temperature drops to seven degrees Celsius or below.  For the majority of the UK, just like in the Netherlands, that’s the typical average temperature from mid-November until late-March.

“Dutch motorists have embraced cold weather tyres and the feedback we receive from drivers is excellent.  Last year Euromaster fitted more than 300,000 cold weather tyres in the Netherlands alone, marking the tenth consecutive year-on-year increase,” he adds.

“Many fleet managers and motorists in the UK don’t realise that cold weather tyres are designed to enhance safety and mobility throughout winter.  It doesn’t matter whether the road is dry, wet, or covered in ice, slush or snow – as this survey proves, if you’ve got cold weather tyres fitted, you’ll be safer.”

Earlier this year ATS Euromaster became the first national tyre supplier to offer a dedicated cold weather tyres programme.  It followed the worst spell of snow and ice in three decades last winter, coupled with record low temperatures which saw thousands of motorists left stranded or involved in collisions.

Cold weather tyres are available from all 377 ATS Euromaster centres with sizes to fit most city cars, coupés, hatchbacks, family saloons, high performance vehicles, MPVs and vans.  The specialist tyres use a higher concentration of silica which prevents the rubber hardening, enabling them to provide better grip, handling, cornering and reduced stopping distances in the cold.

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