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07 Nov 2014 15:18

Euro Car Parts, a leading supplier of parts for all makes of car and light commercial vehicles, which makes more than 5.5 million deliveries in the UK every year, has appointed ATS Euromaster as a key partner supplier to fit and maintain tyres on its fleet of 2,400 cars, vans and HGVs.

The new deal also means Euro Car Parts’ operations team will start receiving detailed fleet reports which will help them analyse tyre use and control costs, and all van and truck drivers now have access to ATS Euromaster’s roadside rapid response service in case of a tyre-related emergency.

Euro Car Parts’ Head of Operations, Tony Shearer, says his team will only work with suppliers who really understand how important it is for their time critical delivery service to avoid any vehicle downtime.

He says: “When you are making as many deliveries as we are you simply can’t afford to have vehicles off the road. ATS Euromaster understands this, and tailored a tyre policy to our specific needs, which includes regular inspections and fleet reporting, so we know exactly what condition our tyres are in. Their continuous support and level of expertise gives us real peace of mind and lets us keep our focus on our business and not our tyres.”

He adds: “Having the roadside rapid response service available is really important to us as it gives us the confidence that should something happen out on the road, our vehicles will be back up and running quickly, regardless of where or when the issue takes place.”

Euro Car Parts has more than 196 branches nationwide with a stock of 150,000 different parts available. The company supplies everything from brake pads, wiper blades and batteries, to car and van customers, including ATS Euromaster, which the company has been supplying since 2010.

Carl Johnson, Business Development Manager at ATS Euromaster, adds: “ATS Euromaster and Euro Car Parts have enjoyed a strong working partnership and we are delighted we have been able to implement a robust tyre policy which meets the company’s exact requirements.

“It is important for Euro Car Parts to work with a service provider which will extract the maximum amount of value from its tyres and we are looking forward to helping the company drive down unnecessary tyre costs.”

For more information on the fleet services available from ATS Euromaster visit www.atseuromaster.co.uk/business.

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