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Motorists Under Pressure To Pump-Up For The Summer

15 May 2009 13:26

ATS Euromaster is urging motorists to adjust their tyre pressures if they plan to travel with a heavy load this summer, in a season which is expected to see more Briton’s pack their cars for a holiday on home shores than in previous years.

Family cars jammed with people, suitcases and pets are expected to peak in the last week of July, once schools break-up, with ATS Euromaster warning that few drivers are likely to have adjusted their tyre pressures to suit the additional weight their cars are carrying.

Chris Hufflett, Group Operations Director for ATS Euromaster, which has 460 automotive fast-fit centres across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, says: “If you are carrying a full load of passengers with luggage or will be towing a caravan or trailer, tyre pressures must be increased in line with the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. It’s a simple five minute job, but from our experience, the majority of drivers don’t bother.

“Few people realise that it is the air inside a tyre which carries the weight of the vehicle and its load, not the tyre itself, hence nearly every car has two recommended pressure settings - one for ‘normal’ use and a higher figure for full loads. Driving a fully laden car on tyres inflated to the normal setting will severely compromise handling and mean stopping distances increase dramatically. It will also see tyre wear rise and punctures will be more likely,” he warns.

Adjusting tyre pressures is a simple job using your own pressure gauge and compressor. ATS Euromaster is also happy to check and adjust pressures at any of its centres nationwide, as part of its no-obligation free vehicle health checks which are strongly advised prior to any long distance journey.

To find the correct pressure for your tyres, motorists should check the vehicle handbook - in some cars pressures are also displayed on a sticker inside the fuel filler flap or driver’s door. Pressures should be checked when the tyre is cold, such as when the vehicle has been driven less than a mile or at least an hour after driving. It is essential that pressures are re-set to the normal setting at the end of the trip.

For free expert advice on any tyre-related or fast-fit issues, motorists are invited to contact their local ATS Euromaster centre by calling 0800 601060, texting ‘tyres’ to 83332 or visiting www.atseuromaster.co.uk

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