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New Service Launched to Help Fleets Cut CO2 Emissions & Improve Fuel Efficiency

02 Feb 2011 09:37

ATS Euromaster is piloting a mobile service specially designed to help companies with large truck fleets save on fuel costs and reduce their carbon emissions.

The new Carbon Cutter service uses dedicated technicians with purpose-built vans to visit customers’ sites across the UK to check, and if necessary adjust, the tyre pressures of every vehicle and trailer in the fleet.  Where technicians see evidence of an alignment issue, wheel alignment will be checked and adjusted.  Inspections are carried out on a routine basis to suit each customer’s individual requirements and vehicles can be fitted with green valve caps to show they have been checked.

Simon Tattersall, Head of National Truck at ATS Euromaster, explains: “It’s no secret that correctly inflated and aligned tyres reduce rolling resistance on the road, yet in many cases we’re finding significant potential for fleets to further improve the accuracy of their pressures and alignment.  This in turn helps to make significant fuel savings and reduce CO2 output as every litre of fuel an articulated truck burns creates approximately 2.63 kg of CO2*.

“Over the last 12 months the cost of bulk diesel has risen by an average of 12.8 per cent, with current prices approaching the record levels of summer 2008.  Operators have to be increasingly savvy to squeeze the maximum mileage out of every drop of fuel they purchase.”

“This is where Carbon Cutter can have a major impact.  We can help customers to drive significant financial, operational and environmental benefits for their business.  And what’s more, we’ll prove it.”

Fleets signing up to Carbon Cutter receive a detailed report after a site inspection.  This provides a breakdown of every asset which has been checked, identifying whether the tyres were at their recommended pressures and whether the wheel alignment was correct.  It also highlights the number of vehicles inspected, the percentage of tyres over/underinflated, the pressure variance per asset, average pressure variance by location and the number of days since the previous Carbon Cutter inspection was carried out.  Ongoing updates allow fleet managers to monitor individual vehicle performance and ultimately illustrate the fleet’s increasing efficiency over time.

Industry research** has shown that a single 44 tonne articulated truck with tyres 10 per cent underinflated experiences a 1.5 per cent reduction in fuel efficiency.  Over 12 months and 130,000 km this increases fuel costs by £344 and creates an extra 0.88 tonnes of unnecessary CO2.  Similarly, a one degree misalignment on the steer axle increases the rolling resistance of a tyre by around 5 per cent, leading to a reduction in fuel efficiency of 3 per cent.  Over the same period this would increase the amount of fuel used by £1,250 and contribute an additional 2.94 tonnes of CO2 being released into the atmosphere.

ATS Euromaster is using a new fleet of Mercedes-Benz Vito vans to drive its Carbon Cutter service, each fitted with electric compressors which can inflate truck tyres at a faster rate than traditional technology, ensuring technicians can work swiftly on-site.

The process of maintaining tyres at recommended pressures and in correct alignment will also help to ensure tyres last longer, and provide additional protection against unnecessary tyre-related breakdowns at the roadside.  This in turn minimises downtime, ensures maximum on-the-road safety and helps fleets fulfil their Duty of Care.

Carbon Cutter can also be utilised to support vehicle pre-delivery inspections (PDIs).  ATS Euromaster can be booked to visit a supplying dealer to assess the type of tyre for any new commercial vehicle based on its anticipated usage.  This will ensure, for example, vehicles destined for long-haul distribution work are suitably equipped with low rolling resistance tyres.  Tyre pressures and alignment can also be checked prior to new vehicles entering service – plus pressure recommendation stickers can be placed on the vehicle to ensure the servicing agent inflates tyres to the correct pressure during servicing.

For further information operators can contact their account manager or phone 0870 428 0871.  Carbon Cutter is targeted primarily at national and large regional fleets.

*Source: Department for Transport

**Source: Michelin, based on the following simulations: A three axle tractor and three axle trailer, operating at 44 tonnes GVW, covering 130,000 km a year at an average fuel consumption of 8mpg.  Fuel cost £1.00 per litre +VAT.

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