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09 Jul 2013 11:19

The UK’s largest supplier of commercial vehicle tyres is promising to help fleet managers unlock the true potential for savings, using its new Service Value Calculator (SVC).

ATS Euromaster has developed the SVC to demonstrate the financial benefits of properly managing and servicing truck, bus and coach tyres, instead of replacing them prematurely.  It says its new tool can be programmed with specific information about a customer’s operation, and then measures the financial benefits available through regrooving, retreading, pressure optimisation and general tyre husbandry, such as turning tyres on the rim and twinning.

The company’s Group Sales Director, Peter Fairlie, explains: “Tyres already represent a significant part of most fleets’ running costs and left unchecked, they have the potential to keep rising.

“Every aspect of our business is focused on reducing a customer’s operating costs through expert tyre management; the SVC enables us to provide the most detailed cost saving forecasts yet.  We then use this data as a working plan to reveal the steps we can take jointly to secure a genuine improvement in efficiency.”

The SVC takes data regarding fleet size, annual mileage, tyre costs, fuel price and current tyre condition – identified during a preliminary ATS Euromaster fleet inspection – to generate a bespoke cost savings report for each individual fleet.

It then displays this information across a comprehensive 10-page tyre savings report measuring the financial impact of every area of professional tyre management, with a summary listing the total potential annual savings achievable across an entire fleet when the tyres are monitored and serviced by ATS Euromaster.  This enables customers to see the direct benefits of each tyre servicing activity, whilst factoring in associated costs, such as regrooving charges.

Fairlie adds: “The SVC sets the bar for how much we can help a customer to save and takes the mystery out of comparing different approaches to commercial vehicle tyre management.

“For fleets which haven’t reviewed their tyre policy within the last six months, the results have the potential to make a significant contribution to their bottom line.”

ATS Euromaster is inviting fleets to put it to the test with a free, no obligation, tyre report for prospective customers using its SVC. For further information contact 0870 066 3624 or visit www.atseuromaster.co.uk


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