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11 Feb 2015 15:33

Shell will continue to supply oil and lubricants to ATS Euromaster centres in the UK after the businesses agreed to extend their strategic partnership.

The deal comes as ATS Euromaster is reminding fleet customers of the importance of ensuring their oil level is professionally checked, as running low can lead to unnecessary breakdowns and potentially expensive engine damage.

ATS Euromaster offers the fluid check as part of its vehicle servicing or for free whenever a vehicle comes into one of its centres – and if drivers are ever unsure of the adequate level of fluid required they can visit a centre and ask for a free professional check.

Peter Fairlie, Group Sales Director at ATS Euromaster, says: “Oil is the lifeblood of a vehicle so we make sure we provide our customers with the best product on the market.

“We’d encourage car and van drivers to take advantage of the range of fluid checks we have available as keeping on top of oil levels is a straightforward way to help eliminate unnecessary vehicle downtime.”

Modern engines require high quality motor oil which will help to keep the engine clean, deliver superior protection against engine deposits and wear, as well as improve fuel economy and performance. Fully synthetic motor oil such as Shell’s Helix Ultra with Shell PurePlus Technology, is a great product to help motorists get the most from their vehicles.

Jon Huggett, UK Sales Manager at Shell Lubricants, explains: “Shell is delighted to continue working with ATS Euromaster and to provide superior quality motor oils to its customers. Shell Helix Ultra with PurePlus Technology is our most advanced synthetic motor oil to date and the result of more than 40 years of scientific development. As a synthetic base oil designed from natural gas, Shell Helix Ultra is able to offer unsurpassed sludge protection, better fuel economy and exceptional temperature performance.”

ATS Euromaster offers free oil checks to all car and van customers, and charges just £20 for a full seasonal health check, which includes level checks for clutch fluid, screen wash and power steering. A one litre of oil top-up is included in the price of the seasonal check.

The seasonal vehicle inspections draw on ATS Euromaster’s expertise and the latest technology to give customers total confidence in their vehicles. The inspections can be booked at nearly 200 ATS Euromaster service centres nationwide and are suitable for all makes and model of car and vans up to 3.5 tonnes.

For more information about the full range of services ATS Euromaster offers visit www.atseuromaster.co.uk/business.

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