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Software Gives Fleets Greater Tyre Management Control

06 Apr 2011 16:34

The UK’s largest supplier of truck tyres is promising to help fleet managers gain greater control over tyre management than ever before.

ATS Euromaster is using new software developed in-house, combined with its proven electronic tyre inspection tool, to analyse the condition of tyres in such detail – across a prospective customers’ fleet – that managers can use the resulting report to reduce operating costs and improve tyre life, safety and uptime (amongst other benefits).

The company is so confident in its new analysis tool – FleetMax – that it is offering an initial fleet-wide analysis free, and without obligation, to prospective new customers with more than 50 vehicles.  

“Good strategy springs from good data and is the foundation of the consultative approach we take when talking with prospective customers,” says Kevin Steward, ATS Euromaster’s Head of Business Development.  “It’s imperative to fully understand a fleet’s existing tyre condition before making any recommendations.

“Clear data about tyre condition can reveal the tweaks you need to make to secure a genuine improvement in efficiencies – it puts your hands right on the cost levers.  Even if it reveals nothing you didn’t already know – unlikely – at least it confirms you’re on the right track.   The greater the precision in the initial tyre analysis, the more control you have over costs, safety and reliability.”

ATS Euromaster believes such comprehensive tyre analysis will be particularly valuable to large multi-sited fleets, where the transport manager may not have a central overview of the condition of tyres nationwide.

The FleetMax analysis utilises an electronic data capture system allowing the condition of each tyre to be recorded on a handheld computer by skilled tyre experts.  The analysis can include up to 100 per cent of all commercial vehicles in a fleet, with every single tyre being checked and its precise condition recorded.  With 46 dedicated tyre inspectors and 800 mobile tyre technicians on the road every day, this tyre analysis can be carried out promptly and efficiently – across even the largest operations.

The results are analysed to produce a comprehensive nine-page tyre efficiency report for prospective clients.  The report will include charts measuring overall tyre pressures versus the defined policy, a separate chart for under and over inflation by individual axle plus an analysis of the tyre brands in use – allowing fleets to accurately measure their current brand policy adherence.  It includes charts showing the percentage of remoulds on fleet, remaining tread depth both by axle and in millimetres, an analysis of regrooving rates (by axle and tyre size), plus an analysis of valve caps (highlighting the total number of missing caps and missing extensions for twin wheels).  It also records all instances of tyre or wheel damage (with charts to illustrate the different types of damage recorded), plus logs all instances of broken or missing wheel nut indicators.

Each report contains a ‘dashboard’ summary – a facsimile of a vehicle’s instrument panel giving an at-a-glance overview and warning of ‘red line’ areas.  

“There’ll be at least 18 charts in the report and many will tell even the most diligent transport manager something about the fleet that he or she didn’t know,” says Steward.

“In a financial downturn every business is focused on safe cost-down strategies and we see it very much as our role to help fleets secure the detailed information which is required to advise on possible changes in tyre selection or tyre husbandry.  Tyres are a major fleet asset and managing them well helps reduce both tyre wear and fuel usage to levels which are financially significant.”

For further information operators can contact ATS Euromaster on 0870 428 0871 or visit www.atseuromaster.co.uk

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