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06 Sep 2011 15:48

With long-range forecasters predicting snow as early as next month, ATS Euromaster is marking the end of the holidays by opening its popular network of tyre ‘hotels’.

Motorists are welcome to check-in their summer tyres for a winter break, while they enjoy the benefits cold weather tyres – also known as winter tyres – offer when temperatures drop below seven degrees Celsius.  Advantages include significantly improved grip, handling, cornering and reduced braking distances.

Rooms at the hotels are expected to be popular, especially after meteorologist and long-range forecaster James Madden’s latest prediction that next month will bring below average temperatures – and even snow in places.

Madden, of Exacta Weather, correctly forecast the previous two harsh winters well in advance and warns of heavier and more widespread snow storms in November and worse still in December and January.

He said: “No region is likely to escape the harsh winter, not even the South.  I’d be very surprised if we don’t see weather records being broken.”

ATS Euromaster’s Group Operations Director, Chris Hufflett, said: “No sooner has the new school term started than we are reminded that it’s about to get colder – much colder.  But after the harsh winters we have had in recent years, memories of stranded motorists and abandoned cars are unlikely to have faded far.

“We believe drivers will want to be more prepared than ever this year, and cold weather tyres really do make the difference when the temperatures drop.”

He added: “We have heard the stories about people rushing to buy 4x4s to try and get around in bad weather, but unless they are fitted with cold weather tyres, 4x4s risk being just as susceptible to ice and snow.  Equipping a car or van with the right tyres can be more effective and a lot cheaper than changing your entire vehicle.”

This year ATS Euromaster has doubled its investment in cold weather tyres to £6 million in anticipation of strong demand, and is offering premium, mid-range and budget brands to suit all customers.

And in addition to providing secure storage for summer fitments in tyre hotels – a term popular on the continent – ATS Euromaster technicians will inspect all summer tyres for wear and damage to ensure driver safety when the weather warms up again next spring.

Hufflett added: “Our tyre hotels might not be your typical bed and breakfasts but we think they’re worth five stars. They offer safe and secure storage for summer tyres - and we are pretty confident they’ll give the owner a better night’s sleep when the snow comes!”

The full range of cold weather tyres will be available in ATS Euromaster centres nationwide, and online at www.atseuromaster.co.uk, from Monday 12 September.  Prices start from £174 for a set of four Riken 145/70 R13s, including fitting.  Storing four summer tyres in an ATS Euromaster tyre hotel costs £30 (£7.50 per tyre).

To locate your nearest ATS Euromaster call 0800 601060, text ‘tyres’ to 83332 or visit www.atseuromaster.co.uk

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