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24 Jul 2013 14:51

Stoke-on-Trent-based haulier B&W Transport has chosen ATS Euromaster to fit and service the tyres on its fleet of 44 tonners after the national tyre specialist proved that a properly managed tyre policy could save the family business thousands of pounds on its annual vehicle operating costs.

Having previously used an independent tyre dealer, the company switched to ATS Euromaster after data produced by ATS Euromaster’s innovative Service Value Calculator (SVC), highlighted that fitting premium brand tyres that could be regrooved and retreaded, with a commitment to accurate tyre pressure monitoring, could save B&W Transport up to £16,000 annually in fuel and tyre bills.

The SVC tool has been designed to demonstrate what can be achieved from a bespoke and expertly managed tyre policy, and shows the monetary benefits of properly managing tyres instead of replacing them prematurely.

Lew Weller, owner of B&W Transport, says: “We had previously been fitting tyres which were more susceptible to punctures and blow outs.  When the Account Manager from ATS Euromaster highlighted how much money we could save, not just on our tyre bill but through improved fuel efficiency from fitting better quality tyres and really looking after them, it seemed like an obvious choice.”

Since optimising its fitment strategy, ATS Euromaster has commenced routine fleet inspections conducted by skilled technicians from its local centre, located just eight miles away, fitting a mixture of Michelin and Pirelli tyres to the fleet.

And the benefits of the new policy are already beginning to show. After one of the first fleet inspections, ATS Euromaster identified 13 tyres for regrooving, re-positioned three tyres to balance wear, and repaired one tyre, instead of simply replacing all of the tyres with new products – as had been the previous practice.

“We’ve been really pleased with how the relationship with ATS Euromaster has been going.  We value their honest approach to business and we are looking forward to reaping the benefits of having an expertly managed tyre policy,” adds Weller.

B&W Transport was formed in 1986 and offers a range of general haulage solutions to companies across the UK, with its fleet of tractor units and trailers operating both nationwide and into Europe. Key fleet assets include skeletal trailers, extendable step frames, flatbeds and Euroliners, with primarily Scania and Volvo units providing the traction.


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