ATS Euromaster launches FleetSure

16th May 2013

A new electronic fleet inspection device is being introduced by ATS Euromaster. The new ‘FleetSure’ tool, which includes a PDA and an electronic tread depth gauge, will dramatically increase the accuracy and speed of regular condition and wear checks.

Service quality manager – group operations at ATS Euromaster, David Bull, said: “When you consider our experienced fleet inspectors check the tyres on more than 50,000 vehicles and trailers each month, a tool which allows us to speed up the process, whilst improving accuracy, is a fantastic resource to be investing in.”

FleetSure harnesses the power and precision of Bluetooth technology to send tread depth readings to the handheld PDA. From there, data can be sent via 3G connection to ATS Euromaster’s servers, where experts will analyse the findings and determine if any servicing is required. Additionally, FleetSure will compile detailed tyre pressure reports to help maximise tyre safety, performance and fuel efficiency.

Need your fleet’s tyres inspected? Visit ATS Euromaster for an accurate analysis of wear, tread depth and overall condition.

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