ATS-E to fit winter tyres to East Midlands ambulances

18th October 2011

Tyre specialist ATS Euromaster is set to fit winter tyres on a fleet of ambulances which operate in the East Midlands.

The firm will ensure that emergency vehicles in the East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) can quickly and safely reach their destination during the cold season by fitting cold weather Michelin tyres to all front-line ambulances.

Steve Farnsworth, EMAS' fleet manager, revealed that the service was convinced that Michelin tyres would improve their performance after seeing them in action on a test track.

"The last couple of winters have seen severe weather conditions across the East Midlands which has put pressure on our service and affects our ability to reach patients quickly," he said.

"We managed to reach patients despite the weather but using cold weather tyres will help us get there a little bit faster and safely."

Each standard tyre will be removed from the ambulances and carefully inspected before being stored for the winter and re-fitted in late March and April next year.

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