Attentiveness is crucial to driving safety to avoid damaging tyres, says Volvo

17th January 2012

Truck drivers should ensure they remain attentive when driving in order to avoid damage to tyres and exhausts, according to Volvo Trucks.

The comments come following new research conducted by the Volvo Trucks' Accident Research Team, which looked at the causes and outcomes of accidents involving trucks.

This data was collected as part of Volvo's ongoing work to minimise safety risks of driving trucks in built up areas of traffic.

Volvo Trucks Traffic and Product Safety Director Carl Johan Almqvist revealed that research showed human mistakes led to 90 per cent of all accidents involving trucks.

These accidents can often cause damage to truck engines, batteries, exhausts and tyres, which can cost drivers and haulage firms hundreds to replace.

But while human error can in some cases prove unavoidable, Mr Almqvist noted that in many cases, driver attentiveness can sometimes drop.

He pointed to the statistic that texting with a mobile while driving can make you 23 times more likely to have an accident.

“Making more drivers and passengers use the belt is a good start when aiming for zero accidents”, he said.

"The other is making drivers aware that attentiveness is crucial for safe driving".

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