Avon Tyres launch new AV11 compounds designed for vans

31st January 2012

Avon Tyres has unveiled its latest compound design the AV11, which has been create specifically for use on vans.

The new R-rate AV11 tyre has been formulated with durability in mind, offering drivers a compound that provides a longer working life before a replacement is required.

This longevity stems from the new tyre’s toughened sidewalls, which have been created to cope with kerb damage.

The compounds also feature a reinforced carcass able to deal with heavy loads and making it ideal for commercial van operators.

With improved wet-weather handling another feature of the tyre design, this compound comes in sizes 205/65R16 C, 215/60R156 C, 235/65R16 C and 215/65R16 C.

Nigel Hampson, the sales and marketing director at Cooper Tyre Europe, where Avon Tyres are manufactured explained the reasons behind the creation of the new compound.

"We know that our van-driving customers often depend entirely on their vehicles for their livelihoods," he said.

"For them, the choice of a tyre is far more crucial than the average motorist and that’s why we’ve designed the AV11 with those people in mind."

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