Choosing the wrong tyres could flatten performance, warns Michelin

8th March 2012

Fleet vehicles, which have the wrong tyres fitted, could be costing their firms a significant amount of money, according to a leading Michelin tyres expert.

Marc Laferriere, director of Michelin Truck Tyre Marketing, issued the warning during a recent interview with

According to the compound expert, commercial fleet firms could be losing thousands of pounds on an annual basis simply because they have fit the wrong tyres.

Speaking at the Commercial Vehicles Conference in Dubai, Mr Laferriere warned that incorrect compounds could be reducing fleet performance.

"There is even a greater impact on indirect costs such as downtime, productivity and fuel economy," he said.

"Tyres can account for the majority of a vehicle’s downtime and as much as 30 per cent of its fuel consumption.”

The compound expert urged haulage firms to take more care with their choices, as MOT test centres and garages offer an increasingly specialised range of tyres, to help you choose the most economic option.

Earlier this month Michelin unveiled its latest set of compounds, the energy E V tyres.

Posted by Danielle Barge