Commercial van leasing could help business save on brakes, exhausts and tyres

12th January 2012

Business opting for a commercial leased van could make significant savings on exhausts, brakes and tyres, according to the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA).

Speaking in a recent interview, BVRLA head of communications Toby Poston highlighted the benefits that leasing a van could have for small businesses.

With firms across the UK feeling the squeeze with rising fuel prices, Mr Poston believes that leasing a commercial vehicle could allow businesses to fix some of their costs.

He pointed to the inherent risks of owning a commercial vehicle, with most van owners required to replace features like brake parts and exhaust systems on a regular basis.

As Mr Poston explains, "leasing contracts also include maintenance and servicing, which protects the customer from any unforeseen rise in these costs".

Therefore, any complex or expensive problems like a car air conditioning service or the replacement of new tyres comes as part of the service.

"This can free-up cash flow to be spent elsewhere in the business – investing for growth or paying down debts," Mr Poston added.

With some firms offering mobile tyre fitting services from the likes of ATS Euromaster, drivers will also be getting first-class service at no extra cost.

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