Continental unveil tyre pressure check system for haulage vehicles

15th May 2012

Fleet drivers could soon be benefitting from a whole new type of tyre-based support after compound manufacturer Continental unveiled a new pressure checking system.

According to HGVUK, the  newly created Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) has been put together by the team behind Continental Tyres in a bid to provide more support to UK haulage businesses.

More importantly, the new system will warn drivers of any particular issue involving under-inflation in truck tyres, which the compound firm argues is responsible for nine out of ten tyre failures as well as problems involving tyre wear.

Combining in-tyre sensors with a special communication system and data processor, housed with a single module glued to the inner surface of the compound, the special chip keeps tabs on the overall health of the wheel.

Air pressure and tyre temperature is regularly checked, with data sent wirelessly to a control unit within the vehicle, thus helping to warn haulage drivers of any impending problems.

The new system is the latest example of Continental's continuing efforts in the field of road safety. Earlier this week, Auto Express magazine also  heaped praise on the firm, after awarding its winter tyres with one of its best product 2012 awards.

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