ECM announce Goodyear Tyres Deal

2nd December 2011

ECM, one of the largest car transporter firms in the UK, has announced a deal that will see the new 275/70 R22.5 LHT II Goodyear Tyres debut on its fleet vehicles.

The new tyres were fitted to the first ECM fleet vehicle during a special event held last week (November 25th) with the compounds set to be made available to the wider market next year.

According to a report from, the tyre, which has been designed for use on trailers, has been specifically introduced for ECM by Goodyear.

Combining excellent wet grip with low rolling resistance, the tyres provide shorter stopping distances, particularly on wet roads.

The design of the compound also makes the tyres ideal for long haul operations with fuel consumption and C02 emissions notably reduced.

Mileage rates and noise levels are similarly improved thanks to the state of the art design of the new Goodyear tyres.

Robert Mason, regional business manager at Goodyear, said: “Few tyre manufacturers have successfully produced a tyre which can function efficiently for this particular service provision, particularly not to the premium standard for which Goodyear is known.”

The new compounds are set to debut across the ECM fleet.

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