Fleet managers to race in mini-MPG at Silverstone

Fleet managers to race in mini-MPG at Silverstone 20th March 2014

Fleet managers will be testing to see how much mileage they can get for the amount of fuel they put in at a mini-MPG marathon.

At the Fleet Show 2014, hosted by Fleet World at Silverstone, fleet managers will be able to test their vehicles on the Stowe circuit and can post their best MPG and best percentage improvement figures.

Ten of the vehicles taking part will be fitted with a diagnostic system, called the Lysanda Eco-Log, that can gather data on functions such as fuel consumption and emissions.

Organiser of the Fleet Show Jerry Ramsdale said: "We have many years’ experience in running economy driving challenges through the MPG Marathon. In the marathon itself we measure fuel used on a brim-to-brim basis and measure the results over a 370-mile course.

"Accurately measuring MPG over a short distance is far more difficult and something we have been unable to do in the past, but with the opportunity to measure both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions using Lysanda’s Eco-Log, we have found the perfect answer."

The event is due to take place on April 9th and it is the second year in a row when the Fleet Show has run. As well as the mini-MPG marathon, there will also be an indoor exhibition, technology demonstrations, off-road driving experiences and track driving experiences.

At the event, the well known Grand Prix track will be split into two. High speed laps will take place on the National Circuit, meanwhile road speed drives will happen on the International Circuit.

For fleet managers, cutting the cost of fuel bills is an important method of making savings. Therefore, a number of experts in the field of eco-driving will be in attendance at the Fleet Show. Among them will be previous winners of MPG marathons, who will be able to discuss with drivers taking part at Silverstone how their driving affects their fuel efficiency and ways in which they can improve on this.