Fleet managers urged to buy five star cars

Fleet managers urged to buy five star cars 8th May 2014

To ensure that the health and safety of their employees is top priority, fleets are being urged to only buy vehicles that achieve a five star rating on the New Car Assessment Programmes (NCAP).

This advice comes from Global NCAP, which says that fleets should also make sure their cars meet the United Nations' (UN) minimum vehicle safety standards.

The organisation has issued this new set of guidelines due to concern about the lack of regulation and crash safety tests that take place in emerging markets. It says that of the 65 million passenger cars built last year, which is a record number, approximately one third would not pass the UN's front and side crash tests and do not have airbags, anti-lock braking systems or electronic stability control.

David Ward, secretary general for Global NCAP, said: “By following Global NCAP’s new guidelines, it will be easier for organisations to ensure that the safety of their vehicle fleet provides acceptable levels of protection to their employees.”

The new guidelines from the organisation should help firms who are hoping to adopt the road traffic safety standard ISO 39001. This suggests that the safety of vehicles is highly important for fleet managers to reduce death or injury from road crashes.

Global NCAP did note that a number or organisations across the world have been working to improve health and safety policies within their fleets and aim to only buy cars that are given a five star rating. This is driven by a mix of corporate social responsibility, a duty of care to employees and effective cost controls.

Mr Ward said: “Any organisation can improve safety by carefully selecting the vehicles it uses. Global NCAP encourages all fleet managers both public and private to make ‘five star’ safety their goal in the UN Decade of Action.”

The UN Decade of Action for Road Safety was launched in 2011 and encourages fleet managers to purchase and maintain vehicles that offer high levels of protection for their occupants and utilise advanced technologies.

Posted by Danielle Barge