Fleets to become more lightweight

Fleets to become more lightweight 24th April 2014

As lighter materials help to deliver on fuel efficiency, experts in the automotive manufacturing industry are to discuss ways that they can make commercial vehicles lighter and save money for fleets.

At the annual conference for the International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies (FISITA), there will be a session titled Lightweight Solutions that will focus on reducing the weight of commercial vehicles. This is as part of the event's Executive Track that brings together some of the best papers on issues that are facing the automotive industry.

By improving the delivery of lightweight solutions, this will help to reduce emissions and also aid with the development of electric vehicles. In turn, this will help to deal with the environmental challenges that are being faced by future mobility solutions.

As part of the discussion on lightweight solutions, a keynote speech on current and future innovations on lightweight technology within the automotive industry will be delivered by the general manager of the Mechanical Engineering division at Toyota Motor Europe Ahmet Dogan.

This speech will then be followed up by two presentations. One is titled Energy Dissipation and Structural Integrity in Frontal Impact, which will be delivered by Izabella Ferenczi, Stefan Kerscher and Frank Moller of the German division of BMW Group. The other is called Life-Cycle Energy Optimization for Sustainable Vehicle Design, which will be delivered by Sweden-based team of Ciaran O'Reilly and Peter Goransson of KTH Aeronautical and Vehicle Engineering as well as Netherlands-based Jose Potting of WU Environmental Sciences.

Speaking about the development of lightweight solutions for vehicles, Flanders' Drive's Dr Paolo Campestrini said: “An innovative holistic approach to the design of the vehicle structure enables a substantial reduction of overall life-cycle requirements and the related environmental impacts of vehicles. This approach addresses one of the fundamental questions related to lightweight design, namely the balancing of use-phase functional and energy requirements with production of disposal demands.”

The Executive Track, including the section on Lightweight Solutions, will take place at the MECC in Maastricht on June 4th while the entire FISITA 2014 conference will last from this date until June 6th.

Posted by Danielle Barge