Foreign lorries to face £1,000 fee on British roads?

17th September 2012

Foreign lorries could soon be facing charges of up to £1,000 a year to use British roads, under new ministerial plans to boost the UK's domestic haulage industry.

If passed through the new levy will apply to all lorries, but will be offset by vehicle excise duty being slashed for British vehicles.

It is hoped the scheme will create a more level playing field for British hauliers, who already face similar charges on the continent and have seen fuel costs rise in the past years.

"These proposals will deliver a vital shot in the arm to the UK haulage industry," said new transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin.

"It is simply not right that foreign lorries do not pay to use our roads, when our trucks invariably have to fork out when travelling to the continent," he added.

However, while the measures have been welcomed by British haulage companies, it was reported that many feel they do not go far enough to make the industry more viable in the UK.

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Posted by Danielle Barge